Monthly: March 2015


What’s the role of role plays?

18th March 2015

As experts in collaborative communication, CMA’s workshops rely heavily on role plays to help participants develop their negotiation, influence and conflict resolution skills. Not surprisingly, many participants are somewhat apprehensive about this. Some clients are also asking whether role plays are genuinely effective in the transfer of learning – and many ask for the scenarios to be customised to have stronger [...] READ MORE

thank you feedback

Don’t spit the dummy: how to respond to critical feedback

18th March 2015

How do you manage your reaction to something that hits you when you’re least expecting it? I was once hit in the stomach with a basketball that I didn’t see coming. It knocked the wind right out of me, and I instinctively yelled: “I’m going to tell my mother on you!” In my defence, I was eight years old and [...] READ MORE


CPR: the key to soft skills (and saving boring accountants)

3rd March 2015

It was a scathing assessment. Would-be accountants might be good with numbers, but they lack the soft skills necessary to prosper in today’s business world. That was the parting shot fired by Peter Roebuck upon retiring as head of accounting at the University of NSW. According to an article in the Australian Financial Review, Roebuck said that “Poor [...] READ MORE