Monthly: December 2015

Malcolm Turnbull Prime Minister Australia

Collaboration: working together to fuel innovation

8th December 2015

It’s official: the “Century of Ideas” has begun. The Turnbull government has come out swinging with its first major policy document: an Innovation Statement. After decades of lamenting the “brain drain”, Australians can now look forward to an era of greater investment and lower risk for researchers and entrepreneurs who invest in the commercialisation of new ideas. The [...] READ MORE

Tim Tams crop

Power in negotiation: taking control of how the cookie crumbles

22nd December 2015

Now, I’m a bit of a chocolate lover, so when I saw an article in the Financial Review recently with the words Tim Tam in the headline, I knew I had to read it. It turns out that this article lead me down a very interesting line of investigation into the use of power in [...] READ MORE