Yearly: 2016

things you already know

5 things you already know about your next negotiation

27th June 2016

At CMA, we spend a lot of time with people assisting them to prepare for their negotiations.  A frequent refrain is, “But I never have enough time to prepare.” This may be true, and there are certainly going to be times when you don’t have as much time as you would like to prepare for [...] READ MORE


The Role of Role Plays

24th August 2016

Download The Role of Role Plays article by Nicole Davidson. This article originally appeared in Training & Development magazine August 2016 Vol 43 No 4, published by the Australian Institute of Training and Development. You can also read the article online here.[...] READ MORE


The power of Tim Tams

17th February 2016

Australian Retailers Association published Nicole Davidson’s blog post on the Coles’ Tim Tams price rise stand off in their quarterly magazine The Retailer. [...] READ MORE

conversation with a hot drink

How a cup of tea can improve your negotiations

26th May 2016

Wouldn’t it be great if we could improve the way someone is feeling toward us before a negotiation, without them even knowing that we’re doing anything? It turns out that there is something we can do, and it could be as simple as offering a cup of tea. It may sound like an old fashioned way of solving [...] READ MORE

workplace gender equality

Gender parity: Negotiating equality in the workplace

8th March 2016

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day (8 March 2016) is “Pledge for Parity”. Gender parity is a hot topic in organisations across the world. It is no longer simply a matter of ‘equality of the sexes’. It is increasingly evident that the participation of women in the workforce is an economic issue, with a recent McKinsey report suggesting that [...] READ MORE

Men arm wrestling

Negotiation: Are we hardwired to win?

3rd May 2016

How do you know whether you’ve won a negotiation? When we ask our clients what a successful negotiation looks like, they frequently refer to the goal of achieving a ‘win-win’ outcome. But, in reality, we still see a significant number of people approaching negotiation with a ‘win-lose’ mentality. Where does this pressure to win come from? [...] READ MORE

Speckled Frog

Speckled frogs and the need to be right

10th May 2016

If you’ve ever come across someone who cannot seem to give up on an argument without being ‘right’, there’s a reason for that.  And, in fact, the chances are that you may have done this yourself, even if it wasn’t intentional. Being right may be great, but if we are too focussed on being right, [...] READ MORE

Women in Salary Negotiation

Two surefire ways to boost your persuasive power in your next salary negotiation

20th December 2016

The power to persuade is useful in plenty of situations. Sales presentations, supplier transactions, team meetings… just to name a few. And there’s one context in which your persuasive power can have an especially large impact for you personally: your next salary negotiation. The good news is that the ability to influence others isn’t inborn. [...] READ MORE

tug of war

“Win-Win” in negotiation – myth or misunderstood?

21st March 2016

I recently attended a professional development session on workplace conflict. One of the presenters – let’s call him Mark – delivered a 15-minute presentation about his experiences as a junior union representative of a major union. During this presentation, Mark referred on several occasions to the concept of “win-win” negotiations. And when he did so, [...] READ MORE