Monthly: March 2016

workplace gender equality

Gender parity: Negotiating equality in the workplace

8th March 2016

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day (8 March 2016) is “Pledge for Parity”. Gender parity is a hot topic in organisations across the world. It is no longer simply a matter of ‘equality of the sexes’. It is increasingly evident that the participation of women in the workforce is an economic issue, with a recent McKinsey report suggesting that [...] READ MORE

tug of war

“Win-Win” in negotiation – myth or misunderstood?

21st March 2016

I recently attended a professional development session on workplace conflict. One of the presenters – let’s call him Mark – delivered a 15-minute presentation about his experiences as a junior union representative of a major union. During this presentation, Mark referred on several occasions to the concept of “win-win” negotiations. And when he did so, [...] READ MORE