Monthly: February 2017

Building Rapport at a Salary Negotiation

4 (almost devious) rapport-building secrets to transform your negotiations

21st February 2017

Negotiations aren’t just about offers and counter-offers. The state of your connection with your counterpart can make all the difference to how things turn out. That’s why rapport building is critical. It helps to create a collaborative dynamic that’s more conducive to achieving high value outcomes. But how do you build rapport effectively? Here are [...] READ MORE

Building Rapport at a Salary Negotiation

The communication tactics you won’t believe will improve your next salary negotiation

2nd February 2017

While some people think of negotiation as an aggressive, fight-to-the-death battle from which only one winner can emerge, there’s an ever-growing body of research showing that collaboration – not competition – leads to better, win-win outcomes for everyone. But how do you get your counterpart to collaborate with you? Let’s say you’re negotiating your next [...] READ MORE