Monthly: July 2017

Group of HR people making a negotation

3 common negotiation tricks – and how to manage them

10th July 2017

You might be an ethical, well-intended negotiator who’s always aiming for win-win outcomes. But let’s not be naïve: not every person you encounter will have the same mindset. Sometimes, perhaps more often than you’d like, you’ll come up against underhanded negotiation tactics designed to knock you off balance and pressure you to accept less-than-perfect deals. [...] READ MORE

Woman making a counter offer at a negotiation

The Shocking Power of Counter Offers

26th July 2017

In a previous post, we discussed why you should make the first offer in a negotiation. But what should you do if they get in first and make the initial offer? The advice here is short and simple: always counter their initial offer before striking a deal. The power of countering This might come as [...] READ MORE