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Our corporate training workshops will help you build the collaborative relationships needed to meet your business objectives.

We help people to create more value through collaborative relationships. How? By building their capability in the core areas of negotiationinfluencing and conflict resolution, as applied in the context of sales conversations, contractual negotiations, dispute resolution, stakeholder management, feedback conversations, written communication, collaboration, and more.

Corporate Training Locations

We offer corporate training workshops throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia to support the implementation of your business’ objectives through effective communication. Engaging and insightful, our practitioners will help to increase the confidence and effectiveness of your employees in the workplace. Our workshops are ideal for anyone in a professional environment where productive working relationships are required.


For over 20 years, we have worked with clients across a diverse range of industries to support their strategic objectives and resolve their key challenges through corporate training workshops. These include:

This is just a sample of some of the problems we’ve helped our clients to solve. Click through to the individual programs below for more information on the corporate training programs we offer. Or contact us directly on 1300 765 770 or at



We can customise a learning solution to meet your strategic objectives.

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Driving Change

We deliver learning solutions that drive behavioural change beyond the training room.

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Advanced Negotiation

After mastering negotiation fundamentals, is it time to deepen your strategic...


Getting to Yes

We can help your team or organisation to maximise value in their negotiations...


Influence in the Workplace

We can help your team to work more effectively across the organisation...


Influential Business Writing

We can help your people to communicate more purposefully and persuasively...


Getting Past Conflict

We can help your team or organisation to manage tough conversations (the...


Giving Effective Feedback

We can help your team and organisation to create a high-performance culture....



We can help your teams to collaborate more effectively. Why choose...


Consulting Essentials

We can help your consultants to create more value in their client...


Running Successful Meetings

We can help your people to improve the productivity of their...


Leadership Training

Our Leadership Training Philosophy Leadership is an extremely broad field. Ask...


Dynamic and relevant course – highly recommended.

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