Driving behavioural change

Most of our clients don’t invest in training just for the sake of training.

If you’re exploring training options, it’s most likely because:

  • you’re searching for a competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded and cost-sensitive market
  • you want to implement a strategic vision that requires people to do things differently
  • your people need new or different skills to overcome operational challenges
  • you’re looking to boost performance in order to drive revenue growth and profitability

In other words, you want to achieve long-lasting behavioural change.

Supporting you beyond the training room

CMA takes a holistic approach to behavioural change. All of CMA’s programs adopt the ’70/20/10′ model developed by Michael M. Lombardo and Robert W. Eichinger from the Centre for Creative Leadership. While we are passionate about creating inspiring and educational experiences in the training room, our Driving Change model incorporates a range of features that are designed to promote behavioural change beyond the training room.

We can work closely with you and your key stakeholders to:

  • clarify your objectives (vision) and identify the mindset, skill and environmental factors that need to change in order to achieve the vision
  • engage key stakeholders (managers, leaders, sponsors) to gain their buy-in and prepare them to support the participants throughout their learning journey
  • engage participants in the weeks prior to the workshop using pre-workshop surveys to contextualise the training
  • monitor progress and assess the return on investment after the workshop
  • support managers to coach their teams on key skills and behaviours
  • coach your people in the application of the skills developed in the workshop
  • align the desired behavioural change with your systems and processes

This is just the beginning. If you want additional customisation to maximise the value and impact of the training, then please read about how we can customise our programs to meet your unique needs and challenges.

CMA is passionate about Driving Change. Please contact us on 1300 765 770 or at info@cmalearning.com.au to discuss how we can drive change within your organisation.

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