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We help people to create more value through collaborative relationships. Our range of professional development training courses cover effective communication in the areas of negotiation, influencing, and conflict resolution.

Specifically, CMA can help you through:

Negotiation training:

Negotiation skills are essential for building positive working relationships and achieving key business objectives. This workshop draws on the teachings of the Harvard Negotiation Project to provide attendees with a clear and constructive structure for negotiating, which is a vital skill for any professional who interacts with colleagues and/or stakeholders on a regular basis.

Advanced Negotiation training:

After mastering negotiation fundamentals, is it time to deepen your strategic planning and relationship management skills. Our Advanced Negotiation Skills Workshop, builds your team’s awareness and capability to enter even the toughest negotiations with confidence.

Influencing training:

As collaboration in the workplace grows in importance, so too does the ability to be persuasive and positively influence those around you. This workshop is suited to anyone who is looking to improve their communication skills, engage colleagues, and exert influence to improve buy-in for organisational change and initiatives. Attendees will walk away from the workshop with the ability to inspire their team members and change the way they approach tasks.

Conflict resolution training:

Dealing with conflict is a reality that many working professionals will have to face. Successful conflict resolution means having the confidence to discuss sensitive issues (including saying “no”), without putting the relationship at risk. Conflict resolution training can assist you in understanding how conflict arises, and can show you how to minimise or manage it in a constructive manner to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. Team leaders and managers, those who work in customer and public-facing roles, as well as in high conflict environments, would benefit from this highly practical workshop.

Business writing training:

The Influential Business Writing workshop will assist attendees in structuring persuasive, clear and engaging emails, reports and other business documents. Attendees will be given the opportunity to apply the workshop’s learnings to their own business writing and receive feedback on how it can be improved, while they learn the best ways for structuring and editing all forms of professional documentation. The workshop will also focus on common business writing mistakes and will show attendees how they can be avoided to create material that people want to read.

These are just a handful of the benefits our clients have enjoyed from attending our professional development workshops. Click through to the workshop descriptions for more information and a list of upcoming public workshop dates.

CMA also holds complimentary workshops for charitable and non-profit organisations. If you would like to express interest in attending a workshop, please contact us.

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Public Workshops

Consulting Essentials Training

Full-day workshop available in Sydney and Melbourne suited to leaders, managers, and professionals in public and customer-facing roles


Negotiation Training: Getting To Yes

Offered in both Sydney and Melbourne, this two-day workshop will show you how to constructively negotiate agreements and resolve disputes.


Communication Skills Training: Influence in the Workplace

Two-day workshop in Sydney and Melbourne designed to improve attendees’ communication skills so that they can discuss sensitive issues and minimise or resolve conflict in a constructive way.


Business Writing Course – Influential Business Writing

Full-day workshop in Melbourne and Sydney suited to professionals who are eager to improve their professional writing and editing skills to maximise impact.


Conflict Resolution Training: Getting Past Conflict

Full-day workshop available in Sydney and Melbourne suited to leaders, managers, and professionals in public and customer-facing roles who want to learn how to discuss sensitive issues and resolve conflict.


Giving Effective Feedback

Learn how to give clear and constructive feedback to bring about a collaborative, high-performance culture in your workplace.

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