Negotiation Tricks - Artificial Deadline

Dealing with dirty negotiation tricks: Artificial Deadlines

16th June 2017

When it comes to effective negotiations, the clock can be a game-changer. Not only can certain times of day impact your outcome, the duration of a negotiation is a key factor too. Especially when it’s used as a dirty negotiation trick… While negotiations often take place within a limited space of time, in some instances [...] READ MORE

Deliberate Intimidation Tactics

Dealing with dirty negotiation tricks: deliberate intimidation

27th June 2017

Power in negotiation depends on perceptions. If you perceive your counterpart as powerful, they’ll often be able to exert more influence over you. But what if that ‘power’ isn’t real? What if it’s deliberately fabricated to intimidate you into conceding to their demands? The best negotiators can effectively manage these intimation tactics. But, to do [...] READ MORE