Group of HR people making a negotation

3 common negotiation tricks – and how to manage them

10th July 2017

You might be an ethical, well-intended negotiator who’s always aiming for win-win outcomes. But let’s not be naïve: not every person you encounter will have the same mindset. Sometimes, perhaps more often than you’d like, you’ll come up against underhanded negotiation tactics designed to knock you off balance and pressure you to accept less-than-perfect deals. [...] READ MORE

Building Rapport at a Salary Negotiation

4 (almost devious) rapport-building secrets to transform your negotiations

21st February 2017

Negotiations aren’t just about offers and counter-offers. The state of your connection with your counterpart can make all the difference to how things turn out. That’s why rapport building is critical. It helps to create a collaborative dynamic that’s more conducive to achieving high value outcomes. But how do you build rapport effectively? Here are [...] READ MORE

things you already know

5 things you already know about your next negotiation

27th June 2016

At CMA, we spend a lot of time with people assisting them to prepare for their negotiations.  A frequent refrain is, “But I never have enough time to prepare.” This may be true, and there are certainly going to be times when you don’t have as much time as you would like to prepare for [...] READ MORE


The power of Tim Tams

17th February 2016

Australian Retailers Association published Nicole Davidson’s blog post on the Coles’ Tim Tams price rise stand off in their quarterly magazine The Retailer. [...] READ MORE


Become a master negotiator

6th November 2012

Tyla Locke offered this advice in an interview with The Age: Be prepared Tyla Locke, a senior consultant at CMA Learning Group, which teaches negotiation and influential communication skills, espouses “the Seven Elements of Negotiation”. These include setting goals and preparing ahead of the actual negotiations. “Preparation is key,” says Locke. The Seven Elements of [...] READ MORE


Speak up for yourself – The art of negotiation

15th March 2008

Learning to negotiate better could help you bet ahead, writes Nikki Williamson. Negotiation is a vital skill for the modern worker. But, sadly, very few of us do it well. Rather than speaking clearly and listening to what others have to say when we have a clash with a co-worker or need to ask for [...] READ MORE


Careers advice

4th August 2007

Jonathan Schauder offered this advice in The Daily Telegraph: The only way employees are going to be able to fully take advantage of a company’s benefits program is if they can negotiate well. Negotiation and relationship building company CMA senior consultant Jon Schauder says the error people make is asking for one option, such as [...] READ MORE