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5 things you already know about your next negotiation

27th June 2016

At CMA, we spend a lot of time with people assisting them to prepare for their negotiations.  A frequent refrain is, “But I never have enough time to prepare.” This may be true, and there are certainly going to be times when you don’t have as much time as you would like to prepare for [...] READ MORE


The Role of Role Plays

24th August 2016

Download The Role of Role Plays article by Nicole Davidson. This article originally appeared in Training & Development magazine August 2016 Vol 43 No 4, published by the Australian Institute of Training and Development. You can also read the article online here.[...] READ MORE


The power of Tim Tams

17th February 2016

Australian Retailers Association published Nicole Davidson’s blog post on the Coles’ Tim Tams price rise stand off in their quarterly magazine The Retailer. [...] READ MORE


What’s the role of role plays?

18th March 2015

As experts in collaborative communication, CMA’s workshops rely heavily on role plays to help participants develop their negotiation, influence and conflict resolution skills. Not surprisingly, many participants are somewhat apprehensive about this. Some clients are also asking whether role plays are genuinely effective in the transfer of learning – and many ask for the scenarios to be customised to have stronger [...] READ MORE


Mind your language: how to give effective performance feedback

25th November 2014

Performance feedback – it’s a phrase almost guaranteed to fill managers and employees alike with a sense of dread. That’s disturbing, but hardly surprising when you consider the negative way in which most feedback in the workplace is delivered. As a learning and development professional who passionately believes in quality performance conversations, I can’t emphasise enough [...] READ MORE

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How a cup of tea can improve your negotiations

26th May 2016

Wouldn’t it be great if we could improve the way someone is feeling toward us before a negotiation, without them even knowing that we’re doing anything? It turns out that there is something we can do, and it could be as simple as offering a cup of tea. It may sound like an old fashioned way of solving [...] READ MORE


If it’s broken, fix it – don’t throw performance reviews away

13th August 2015

It seems that performance review bashing has become the newest sport in human resources. Recent weeks have seen several major Australian corporates announce that they are scrapping annual performance reviews. These announcements are sending some practitioners jumping for joy – after all, plenty of research shows us that no-one like performance reviews. Before we get [...] READ MORE


Negotiation: learn from the small stuff

7th September 2015

Do you find yourself regularly dealing with minor day to day frustrations?  Or perhaps you have people bringing you endless small problems to solve.  These things certainly seem to crop up a lot for me.  And although I no longer work regularly on major negotiations, I certainly still get a lot of negotiation practice. As I [...] READ MORE


Personality: does it hold the key to influencing?

18th February 2015

‘Personality is everything in art and poetry.’ So said Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and we know intuitively that this is true. But what about influencing? What is the role of personality in the art and poetry of an influencing conversation? As a facilitator of CMA’s Influence in the Workplace workshop, I often hear this question. [...] READ MORE

Tim Tams crop

Power in negotiation: taking control of how the cookie crumbles

22nd December 2015

Now, I’m a bit of a chocolate lover, so when I saw an article in the Financial Review recently with the words Tim Tam in the headline, I knew I had to read it. It turns out that this article lead me down a very interesting line of investigation into the use of power in [...] READ MORE